Advance your practice. Elevate your patients.

Experience the freedom to practice your way, with the power of a team behind you.


Bring out your best

From finances to marketing to HR, our proven and robust support services empower your team while enabling you to focus your valuable skills where they'll do the most good — making a positive impact on patients' lives.

Experience a true partnership

You will not be a contractor or employee — you will be a true partner helping to shape our company's future, vision, and direction — especially as it relates to advancing patient access and outcomes.

Have Equity Ownership

As a partner, you will receive Class A Shareholder status. Not only will you have a voice in our vision and direction, but a stake in our success. As our company grows and profits, you will too.

Follow Best Practices

We'll help you grow your practice, not run it. You are free to manage your practice and serve your patients in accordance with best practices and insights from us.

Enjoy a Competitive Advantage

Partner with us and free yourself to focus on serving your patients without the distractions of managing a business. You'll also enjoy access to thought leadership and innovation from like-minded professionals.

Have a Stronger Voice

Not only will you have a voice in shaping the direction of our company, you will have a greater voice in your own practice, without the distracting worries of insurance, legal issues, accounting and property management.

True partnership. Equity ownership.

At ARC Health, you are not an employee or contractor — you are our partner. As a Class A Shareholder, you will share in our company's profits, collaborate in shaping our direction, and receive exemplary support to expand your own practice.

Shape our direction

As a partner with a seat at the table, you will have a say in the decisions that guide our path, as we come together, collaborate, and open more doors to optimal mental healthcare.

Collaborate with leaders

Empowered by an entire team invested in your success, collaborate with like-minded partners to inspire growth and secure an intelligent path forward.

Deliver exceptional care

Join us as we expand access to timely care, innovate effective treatment options, pursue positive patient outcomes, and focus on our shared life's calling – helping people.

Investment benefits

True partnership

Experience the benefits of being a true partner who helps shape our vision as a company, our values as a brand and most especially, innovate high-quality mental healthcare for the patients that we proudly serve.

Equity ownership

Enjoy a stake in our company's continued success, with a proven profit-sharing model that rewards providers like you for your hard work, without the risks associated with running your practice all on your own.

Practice optimization

Stay you, while enjoying the advantages of partnering with us. Keep the local brand you have built or let us help you develop one from scratch. Amplify what you are already great at and foster opportunities for growth to operate at your best.

Partnership Opportunities

Every partner shares in our success as a Class A shareholder providing equal opportunity in joining ARC Health and furthering its mission and vision.

We help people one conversation at a time.