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At ARC Health, we believe in elevating mental healthcare, one professional at a time. With our forward-thinking, provider-centric approach, we work together in the increased accessibility and care for patients. By supporting you, our collaborative approach betters patient outcomes, enhances partner growth, and motivates teams.

From HR to marketing to finances, our comprehensive services empower your best work, allowing you to focus more on your patients and practice without the hassles of running a business. We are focused on advancing mental healthcare via best practices, innovative service lines, and a nation-wide network of providers. Become a partner with ARC Health — and become the provider you were meant to be.

Expanded Impact

Make more of an impact on the patients you serve with more resources for you, more benefits for your team, and more time for your work.

Exemplary Support

Experience the same level of support your patients expect from you — and the freedom to focus your skills on where they'll do the most good.

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Get in touch with our team to discover how partnering with us can benefit your practice, simplify your work life, and improve your patient's experience.

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As a shareholder, you are a true partner who shares in our company's profits and helps collaborate on shaping our company's vision, future, and direction.

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Once accepted, you will join our nationwide network of established providers who are working together to expand access and improve patient outcomes.


Your entire team – providers and support staff – will be part of our onboarding process, ensuring everybody has a part to play in your practice's success.

“As part of ARC Health, my circle of impact is growing and becoming more rewarding. I feel energized and supported to do more for my patients, my team and my future.”

Boris Royak, M.D.

ARC Psychiatry

“Partnering with ARC Health has allowed me to spend more time doing what I love, enhanced benefits for my staff, and provided high quality support for excellence in client care. Such a positive partnership!”

Tina Lepage, Psy.D.

Lepage Associates

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Driving practice value

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